It is really hard to explain in words something that was so magical and emotional as my trip to Cochamó. The synergy between the people that was part of it was enriching in ways I never thought it would. I hope many more people have this experience.


Five years of many changes. I never thought I’d be able to achieve so many things. One of them, to go to Torres del Paine, Patagonia. Thanks to Wheel the World, this place is enabled so everyone can explore it!


  1. Scuba diving it was like being on another planet. The sand, corals, looking around and seeing all sort of fishes in the sea, see a world I had never seen before. Feeling that joy, hat feeling of people coming together to help. Feeling relaxed. To breath and sensing that life is beautiful.

This is just the beginning of something huge. Wheel the World is something amazing that should be replicated in every country around the world. Without the help of Wheel the World I wouldn’t have been able explore everywhere I got. I’m beyond grateful to know that more people will have the opportunity to live the same.


There is no way to fully describe what it means to have access to the world. I realized that I’m an adventurer and that I can discover new things still. When I thought that there was nothing left for me to discover. It was the most enriching feeling I’ve ever had


Hi Wheel the World, we are finally home after an experience incredibly amazing. The beauty of Easter Island, plus the full inclusion of my son Martin. Thank you for all and please continue with your wonderful project.


I’m 24 years old. I have lived in Easter Island all my life, and until now, I had never been able to go to these places. Thanks to the Wheel the World team I got there.