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Wheel the World and the Inca Trail dream, Machu Picchu


Last week I received a notification from the tourist authorities in Peru that really surprised me: no one in a wheelchair has done the Inca Trail before. The most important hiking trail in the world, which is done daily by up to five hundred people and is the most spectacular way to get to the Inca Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.


Wheel the World has been responsible for many first-timers. The first inclusive tourism project making it possible for people with disabilities to explore the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, México. The first expedition of a wheelchair user completing the W Circuit in Torres del Paine, Patagonia. The first expedition of two wheelchair users reaching the 5,600 mts summit of Toco Volcano in the Atacama Desert, and the first wheelchair expedition completing the Wilderness Trail (85 kms) at the Eifel National Park in Germany. More important than creating first-timers, we have enabled these experiences to be available for others, and hundreds of people have repeated them already. As an organization, our purpose is to empower people with disabilities to explore the world without limits and allow them to find their next inclusive adventure at Wheel the World.


Wheel the World opening a route in the Atacama Desert

Wheel the World making the summit at 5,600 meters high on Toco Volcano

Three months ago we started planning our next project: enable a Wheel the World experience in the tourism and culture capital of Latin America: Cusco and Machu Picchu in wonderful Peru. It is a very special project for Wheel the World, because we are trying to consolidate our reputation as a global venture for inclusive tourism and to continue demonstrating that having a disability should not be a barrier to people enjoying the world.