We live in a world that has not been designed for people with disabilities. Thus, the majority of people with disabilities has had fewer opportunities to live to their fullest and appear to be ‘inactive’ in the minds of others. In the last 10 years, we started seeing an increase of accessibility promotion and improvement worldwide as societies and governments are demanding products, services, transportation, etc to be more inclusive. Wheel the World is tackling the challenge of accessibility and inclusivity in tourism and recreation sector for people with disabilities.

In 2016, Wheel the World executed their first project in Patagonia, Chile. During this project Wheel the World team created and delivered exclusive, never done before experience: first trekking and kayaking program for the wheelchair-bound people. The inspiring documentary film about this trip went viral on social media and appeared in Chilean and US press triggering hundreds of requests from people with disabilities who wished to repeat this experience.


IMPULSE touristic activities for people with disabilities.

Create AWARENESS of people with disabilities as active persons that search to live fully.

INSPIRE with overcoming, fellowship and love stories. 


Alvaro Silberstein

Alvaro Silberstein  CoFounder

Engineer | MBA UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

Camilo Navarro

Camilo Navarro CoFounder 

BBA | Entrepreneurship & Project Management UC Berkeley 

Felipe Medeiros

Felipe Medeiros   Software Engineer

Dominique Partarrieu

Dominique Partarrieu    UI/UX Designer

Maria Jose Vargas

María José Vargas   Brand Manager


Juan Diego Luksic

Juan Diego Luksic   Economics & Studies

Lera Ilginisova

Lera Ilginisova   Project Manager


Arturo Gaona
   Arturo Gaona       México & Europe Manager
Juan Pablo Pinto
Juan Pablo Pinto   Santiago Cycling Manager