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Multi-day Trips are accessible tour packages that include accessible places to stay, accessible transportation, and adapted guided tours and activities. We put together a suggested itinerary, but we can tailor your itinerary to meet all of your accessibility needs, things you want to do, and places you want to visit!

All of us have different accessibility needs. This is why we are collecting all the accessibility information for the Places to Stay, transportation, and Things to Do that we offer. We collaborate with our partner tour operators to make Multi-day Trips accessible!

How to book a Multi-day Trip


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Request to book, leave us your comments, and a travel expert will create a perfect itinerary for you.


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Once your trip is booked, we will ensure your accessibility needs are met during your trip.

How do we gather accessibility information

Accessibility mapping system

The AMS is our own webapp built to collect accessibility information around the world. We collect more than 200 data points with information relevant to our traveler’s needs.

Detailed accessibiliy information

All listed Multi-day Trips have been mapped with detailed accessibility information from the accommodations and activities for you to book exactly what you need.

Community building

Our community of WTW mappers uses the AMS webapp to take measurements, and collect the accessibility data from our Multi-day Trips.

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Cultural New York City (5 days/4 nights)

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