About Portugal

Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a small country that has a lot to offer to its people and visitors. It's a nation with vibrant and bustling cities, historic buildings, accessible beaches and well-preserved natural ecosystems. Portugal's culture has been influenced by it's complex history of colonization, with voyages from the Portuguese Empire to the Americas and Africa. Multicultural influences can be seen in all aspects of the country's culture. Whether you visit museums in Lisbon, its capital, take a gastronomic tour in Oporto, or decide for adventure tourism in the sea, mountains or waterfalls, Portugal offers many options for all types of interests, and for those who want to do everything at once!

Accessible travel Portugal

Portugal has made significant efforts to make its territory accessible. There is a wide variety of accessible accommodations, with adapted rooms and infrastructure. In Lisbon most of the buses and subway train stations are fully equipped to provide the best service to people with reduced mobility, as well as buses in Porto. Airports have accessible services and infrastructure as well as an assistance service, and there are more than 200 accessible beaches in Portugal! With adaptations and facilities ranging from amphibious wheelchairs, reserved parking spaces and adapted toilets, to accessible entrances to the sand and sea.

Country Information


Portugal has an advanced health care system. In any case, be sure to take out adequate medical insurance for your personal and travel needs, and to have funds to cover any medical emergencies.
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Theft and pickpocketing can occur in Portugal, especially in tourist areas. We recommend that you exercise caution and avoid flashing valuables.


The requirements for access to Portugal depend on your nationality, it may be necessary to obtain a visa, show a valid passport and prove a certain amount of money. You can consult information and obtain your visa, here.


Portugal enjoys a Mediterranean climate. This means that there are distinct but not extreme seasons, with warm springs and summers and winters and autumns with lower temperatures and frequent rainfall. The best time to visit this country will depend on your preferences.


Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, and sign language is recognized in the constitution.


Electricity in Portugal is 230V and the plugs are F type.