About Iceland

With its dramatic landscapes, Iceland has become a popular tourist destination. Filled with fjords, glaciers, volcanoes and geysers, this "Land of Fire & Ice" offers a change to experience a unique side of nature. Due to its extreme northern location, summer days are long and winter days are short, and it's a great place to observe the northern lights spectacle. A small but innovative country, almost all of Iceland's power comes from renewable geothermal and hydropower energy sources.

Accessible travel Iceland

Iceland has made a lot of progress in making its infrastructure accessible. All buildings constructed after 2012 must provide access for mobility aids. Public transportation doe not offer lift or ramps outside of the city's capital, nor do buses offer a space for people to remain in their wheelchairs. The country has a National Association of People with Disabilities known as Sjálfsbjörg, which conducts routine surveys on museums and public spaces, for accessibility improvement. They offer a website, partially available in English, which lists various asscessible attractions in Iceland. You can check out the website here.